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After eight years of free predictions our site is going offline in July as we focus on new opportunities. Contact predictor@dectech.co.uk for details of the consumer and commercial services we have planned.

Help: This Week's Games

Welcome to the new Times Online Fink Tank Predictor.

On any page you can click "Help!" to display some hints and tips on how to use each page.

On the main page, our predictions for English Premier League matches occurring in the next 7 days are shown.

If you want to look at predictions for other divisions, just click on the relevant link in the "divisions" tab on the left.

You can sort the predictions by clicking on the relevant heading.

Double-clicking on any match will take you to the Game Simulator, where you can look at more information about each match, and adjust the team ratings.

Using the menu on the top-left, you can look at our Season End prediction, Team Rankings and Game Simulator.