Dectech Sports believes in taking big sports data and crystallising it into the numbers that truly influence outcomes. Over a decade of working within the industry we have built a range of proprietary models for sports prediction and problems related to it. This has enabled us to work closely with stakeholders and participants. Our aim is to extract clear and actionable insight to enable our clients to outperform their competitors.



Dectech Sports was born out of our strategy consulting business. As such, at the core of our offering has always been the need to provide the client with exceptional advice to tight deadlines. We know what is needed to make a difference on the field and in the boardroom and can deliver your projects on time and within budget by applying our proprietary models and techniques. We create actionable recommendations and insights that are appropriate for whatever audience we deliver to.



All members of our Sports Analytics team have strong mathematical backgrounds, with most possessing PhDs and experience in fields as diverse as risk management and particle physics. We are therefore perfectly positioned to use this depth of knowledge to find out-of-the-box solutions to sporting problems.



We are experienced at extracting fine detail from big data. As an example, our player model works with millions of match events that have been performed by thousands of players and produces insightful measures of each player's ability. We also use our contacts in the worlds of competitive sport and academia to ensure that we are constantly on the cutting edge by applying expert knowledge to the tasks we tackle.

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