What makes my firm or its products appear expensive or seem like good value?
Decision Technology Sports ('Dectech Sports') works with clubs, governing bodies and investors to analyse sporting challenges and provide actionable insight. Whether providing an unbiased and quantitative second opinion on identified transfer targets or the prediction of sporting outcomes to aid investors and guide club investment decisions, Dectech Sports provides real value to our clients.

We are passionate about sport and distilling the results of our statistical analysis into plain English recommendations. This is built upon the three pillars of our approach which differentiates us from our competitors; we are actionable, statistical, and data-driven.

"There are two things worth knowing about Decision Technology. The first thing is that they are very imaginative. They think up ways to get at answers with data, even when the problem seems at first inaccessible. The second thing is that they are very professional. In other words, they are reliable and deliver what they promise. Together we have won the journalism prize of the Royal Statistical Society and created a cult newspaper column, the longest running sports column in The Times."

Daniel Finkelstein, OBE, Executive Editor of The Times

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