Uncover what your customers will really do, not what they say they’ll do

By using immersive behavioural experiments, we can obtain insights that will help answer your commercial questions.

Realistic Decision Making Context

Recreating a realistic journey is crucial to making reliable predictions about customer behaviour. Context is king.

Rich Behavioural Insights

Our statistical models contain diverse information about your customers and their attitudes. This helps us understand the story behind the numbers.

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Actionable Commercial Outputs

We bring insights to life with web-based simulators that allow you to explore dynamic forecasts across various commercial scenarios instead of static PowerPoint charts.

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Take a deep-dive into how your customers make decisions about your product in a realistic market environment and stay ahead of your competition

How it works


Create realistic decision environment

Our in-house development team codes a bespoke, dynamic and realistic online environment in which the specific consumer decision takes place, for example a replica of your website sales journey

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Design conditions to be tested

Using our understanding of behavioural effects such as loss aversion and framing, we design each condition to be tested, varying brand, prices, features or framing between scenarios to answer your strategic question

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Recruit real-life decision makers

We collect responses from a representative sample of consumers via our online panel partners, carefully selected to match the profile of your target market

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Build statistical models of consumer behaviour

Using rigorous statistical techniques we identify the factors that significantly influence consumers’ decisions and quantify their impact

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Deliver actionable insights

We build a market simulator to forecast the impact of key commercial levers and competitor activity on business metrics such as revenue and churn, calibrated to the real world market using both bottom-up and top-down calibration methods

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Interact with our example model and see the insights come alive

Behaviourlab provides access to interactive browser-based simulators that allow you to explore the impact of different commercial scenarios. The inputs and outputs of the simulator are tailored to your individual needs, and the forecasts provided are entirely driven by the models developed from real consumer behaviour.

Have a play with the options on this example product and see how the forecast for the customer base and revenue changes







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Contract Duration

Your customer base is forecast to grow by 20

Your annual revenue is forecast to grow by 0.00%

Take a deep dive with our Behaviourlab Guide

We believe that companies can be viewed as decision making machines that rely on accurate forecasts to succeed. Behaviourlab is the best tool to leverage the power of research and experimentation in a real-world commercial context. Download our guide and read how we help you accurately predict consumer behaviour using Behaviourlab.

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