Dectech’s Co-founder Nick Chater Wins Prestigious David E. Rumelhart Prize

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Dectech’s Co-founder, Professor Nick Chater, has won the prestigious David E. Rumelhart Prize for his contributions to cognitive science. Named after the famed psychologist and heralded as the Nobel Prize in the field, the award honors scholars who have made fundamental contributions to the theoretical foundations of human cognition. 

Nick has spent more than three decades searching for fundamental principles that underpin the cognitive sciences. His work covers a wide range of topics, ranging from reasoning and decision-making to perception, the processing, acquisition and evolution of language, and the virtual bargaining theory of social interaction.   

The David E. Rumelhart Prize is awarded annually to an individual or collaborative team making a significant contemporary contribution to the theoretical foundations of human cognition. It consists of a hand-crafted, custom bronze medal, a certificate, a citation of the awardee’s contribution, and a monetary award of $100,000. 

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