Henry Stott lends a voice to football data and strategic decisions in the French newspaper 20 Minutes

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20 Minutes, the French newspaper discusses what can be achieved by adopting a holistic approach to using data in the football world. The article looks at the match between Liverpool and Villarreal and how the former uses data insights to inform recruitment, staff and performance. Not only does data help inform decision before a match such as the chosen player, but it can also be used to aid decision-making and plays throughout. Specifically, similarly to how a chess player might glance at a board and know the best movements for the chess pieces; Liverpool utilises video imagery to analyse the areas of play and works with artificial intelligence to know what a player should do in a specific situation live.


To learn more you can find the full article via the link below:

Liverpool-Villarreal: How data is used to guide recruitment, staffing and performance

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